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How To Save on Party Expenses

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

Having a party doesnt have to break the bank. Every dollar counts and we have several ways to save on party expenses and more!

Featured Photo:

Patron bottle re-purposed as a centerpiece for a 90th Birthday Celebration.

Liz's Top 10 List for Saving on Party Expenses
  1. Re-purpose - Wine bottles and other items that can be re-purposed make the best centerpieces and themed decorations. You can never go wrong with DIY.

  2. Home Is Where The Savings Is - Have the party at home or in your backyard. Tuck the furniture away in the garage to make more space for socializing and dancing. This eliminates the need to pay a venue.

  3. Dollar Stores Are Your Friend - Shopping at the dollar store for disposable party supplies, gift favors and more.

  4. Dessert Contests - Have your guest bring a dessert and make a contest out of it. I guarantee you will have some of the best confections and more money in your pocket.

  5. Avoid Meals - Finger foods, tapas and hors d'oeuvres go a long way. Instead of having a full course meal, choose a good selection of filling finger foods instead.

  6. Simplify Your Theme - Buy neutral flatware and other items that can be reused for other events. Then add a pop of color with themed decor such as balloons, table cloths and ribbons.

  7. Print-Free Invites - Use online options like to invite guests and manage RSVPs and avoid the cost of printing and postage.

  8. Skip The Party Favors - Favor expenses can add up. Skip the favors and have fun contests where your guests can win useful prizes you purchased from the Dollar Store (candles, picture frames, etc.)

  9. Free Entertainment - Why hire a DJ when you can create a great playlist, grab your best speaker and push out the jams for you and your guests. Also, play fun games that will keep your guests engaged throughout the event.

  10. Pump Your Brakes - If you start getting a gut feeling that your expenses and spending are getting out of control... they are. Dont be afraid to slow down or even stop to stay on course and within budget. Oh and... Dont be afraid to ask friends to help make your event the best it can be!

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