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5 Ways To Keep Your Decorator Inspired

Event decorators are naturally creative. Doing your part to keep them inspired is as simple as these 5 key recommendations.

Know Your Budget

Setting a budget before you contact a decorator is a good way to start. Many times, even with a limited budget, decorators can find a way to give you a beautiful event without breaking the bank.

Decorators spend an average of 4 to 6 hours decorating for events. In most cases, they have staff assisting on the day of the event. When creating your budget, keep an open mind about the time and expenses the decorator will incur. This will help to plan a perfect event within your financial means.

Trust The Process

If you've hired a decorator, it usually means you have seen their work in person or online and have fallen in love with their creative style. Once you've given the decorator your unique vision and details for the event... sit back, relax and trust the process.

Experienced event decorators have a keen ability to bring even the smallest details to life. Ornate details, grandiose themes and eye-catching visuals are intrinsic for them. Trust their ability to bring your vision to reality.....and more!

Have ONE Point of Contact

We all need a second opinion from time to time. While planning an event, many people have family members, friends and vendors who are all assisting with the event planning process.

It is important to assign one person who is the "Head Chief In Charge".

When working with a decorator there should always be one point of contact for decision making. This prevents miscommunications about your event day set-up and allows your decorator to stay within your budget.

Be On Time

Time is key. On the day of your event, it is important to be on time. Many event venues only allow a limited amount of time for event set-up and decorating. The same applies for removing the decorations and breaking down the event.

The last thing you want is to put your decorator in a position where they have to rush to decorate. To ensure that your event starts and ends on time, arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled time to enter the building.

Keep Vendors at a Minimum

When searching for a decorator, determine if the decorator can eliminate your need to work with multiple vendors. In some cases, your decorator has DJs, lighting companies, bartenders, etc. that they work with. This helps reduce the number of people you have to stay in communication with during the planning process and also helps you stay with in your planned budget.

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