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A Beginner's Guide to Party Planning

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

Eliminate stress by using these easy steps to start planning your next special occasion.

Whether you are planning a black tie event or a small gathering at your home, planning in advance is a key step to having a successful event. Here are Liz's recommendations for party planning basics.

  • Select a date for your event

  • Determine the location of the event. If it will be at a venue, set-up tours and book the as soon as possible.

  • Prepare a guest list

  • Determine which vendors you will need and book them as soon as possible (DJ, Caterer, Bartender, Decorator, Lighting, Draping, Photographer etc)

  • Send invitations to guests

  • Create your menu with the help of your caterer

  • Schedule a walk-through of the venue with your decorator to finalize details

  • Review all contracts and payments to ensure you understand all requirements

  • Create a detailed agenda that outlines all activities before, during and after the event in 15 to 30 minute increments. Provide this agenda to your event planner,decorator or other vendors

  • Begin purchasing party supplies, decorations, flatware etc.

  • Determine who has RSVPd and provide your guest count to the caterer

  • Send one last reminder invitation to people who have not submitted an RSVP

  • Call vendors to finalize any last details

  • Call vendors to finalize any last details and verify that they have the event day agenda

  • Verify guest count

  • Follow up with venue to ensure contracted building access time

  • Prep decorations and supplies for the event day

  • Arrive on time at the venue

  • Ensure all set up is complete and food is ready for serving prior to guests arriving

  • Put outdoor signs in place to help guests find the event

  • Make sure you have cash on hand to tip vendors

  • Enjoy yourself!

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